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Student Resource Directory

When Dallas College, then DCCCD, pivoted to virtual learning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Resources web page was hastily re-edited and re-packaged as the “Virtual Student Resources.” Although there were visual improvements to the page, it began to lose a clear focus and purpose, which previously was: being the doorway and directory to all student services and resources at Dallas College.

PEGASUS Design System

There were now over 20 different content editors, web designers, and developers, on eight separate teams, all making edits and creating pages on one website. The duplication of efforts resulted in constantly reinventing the wheel only to produce pages that were inconsistent and at times, confusing.
We needed to create guidelines and standards.

Dallas College Home Page

In 2019, DCCCD (Dallas County Community College District) announced that they would be moving from seven independently accredited colleges to one, unified college in 2020. While this new college would be under a different name and updated brand, the services we offered and the value we provided to the community would remain the same. And the new home page would need to tell this story in a cohesive, impactful way.