Program of the Month Series


  • Organization: Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD)
  • Product: DCCCD websites and social media
  • Timeline: 2016-2017

Background and Problem

Each month the DCCCD Marketing department chose a different program of study to focus its efforts. For years, marketing “program of the month” (POTM) was done mostly on Instagram. The design and consistency throughout these graphics varied.

We started to adapt some of these designs throughout other visual DCCCD platforms like the:

  • DCCCD home page banner
  • DCCCD blog
  • Home page banners of each of the DCCCD colleges (which all had different dimensions)

But, as we planned for the next calendar year, we decided that the POTM series needed to have special branding and visual identity to provide consistency not only from month-to-month but from platform to platform. We were also planning to push POTM through these additional channels:

  • Facebook page banner
  • On-campus digital monitors

Another goal was to create more than one social media graphic throughout the month. Additional graphics could feature important career stats, special DCCCD facts about the program, or local market data about that career.

My Role and Tools

My primary role in this project was as a graphic designer. I used:

  • My sketchbook
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


Branding the Series

The central piece of the visual identity would be a logomark. Through that logomark, my goal was to communicate the honor and prestige of an academic program, while also showing the practicality and dynamicity of career and technical education.

The process of the development of the POTM logo.
The final version of the logo, which would also adapt month-to-month in color and program.

Planning, Writing, and Designing the Series

After the brand visuals were in place, my next step was to look ahead at the coming year and make a plan that included:

  • Which programs to feature
  • Connecting with our writer for dynamic copy
  • Find compelling career data to feature throughout each month

Our plan was initially to feature three social media images throughout the month:

  1. Show the main message for the month.
  2. Highlight potential pay that that program could lead to.
  3. Job demand for the career that program could lead to.


Month 1: Nursing

A look at all the size variations for the POTM main message for nursing.

Month 2: Computer Information Technology

A look at all of the size variations for the POTM main message for computer information technology.

Samples From the Rest of the Year