Workforce & Economic Development Website

  • Client: Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), Dept. of Workforce & Economic Development
  • Target audiences:
    • Business owners, industry leaders in the greater DFW area
    • Business owners, industry leaders
  • Goals: Showcase how the department meets the needs of the target audiences and draw connections between the workforce the colleges of DCCCD produce
  • My roles/responsibilities in this project:
    • Project manager
    • Information architecture
    • Content strategy
    • Interface designer
    • Visual designer

The Process

Research & Organization

The first step of this project was to get a sense of everything that the Workforce department was responsible for as well as the services the provided. To accomplish this, we had several meetings with department representatives to card sort and visualize sub-departments, roles, goals, target audiences and general responsibilities.

Once we fully understood the breadth of the Workforce department, we were able to organize their content into “buckets” that had less to do with presenting the structure of the department, and was more about showcasing their roles around the needs and interests of the user.

We initially grouped content into three areas: Serving the Local Economy, Serving Business/Industry, Serving the Student.

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

Now that the information/content was organized, we had to decide how the website was going to be structured and what additional or supporting content would need to be developed.

I assigned writers and editors on the team areas of the website to be responsible for. They met with stakeholders in those areas to learn more about the services they offered in order to adequately communicate it in a way that was completely relevant to the needs of the target audience.

Design & Development

I served as lead designer on the team. It was decided that since the main DCCCD website was student-focused, that the new Workforce website should have a darkened, more serious color scheme as well as its own navigation and header logo.

The home page header area had evolved from the sketch above, to the final piece below.
After several discussions with the Workforce department, we shifted from talking primarily about who we serve to talking about the services themselves.

The “Workforce Training For You” landing page was created to live on the student-focused DCCCD website.


The Final Product

The website launched in August 2017 and consisted of 28 pages.

This is a screenshot of the Workforce Training page where users who are wanting to develop and train their current workforce are funneled.

View the website live.